Salesforce, the orchestrator of digital symphonies, harmonizes the melodies of customer connections, turning sales into sonatas of success.

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Our solution to Salesforce services

Our modern-day Salesforce service model is simple.

Unleash the Power of Salesforce with our expert support

  • Just starting your Salesforce journey?
  • Looking to optimize your long-standing solutions?
  • Eager to capitalize on its powerful built-in features?
  • Overcoming resistance to embrace Salesforce across your team?
  • Ready to seamlessly transition to Lightning?

Let us be your trusted partner on this Salesforce expedition.

Optimizing Salesforce to Empower Your Business

As a full-service consultancy, we make Salesforce do exactly what you need it to

  • Proper set up and configuration
  • Customized roles
  • Custom privacy settings
  • Make use of all the features
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Custom workfows, rules, etc
  • Platform-based development
  • App development
  • Apex, Lightning, SOSL, SOQL
  • JavaScript, CSS, SASS, HTML
  • External data sources
  • Built-in or 3rd-party APIs
  • 3rd-party software
  • Apps from AppExchange
  • Custom integrations
  • To or from Salesforce
  • Between different Orgs
  • From Classic to Lightning
  • No data loss
  • No duplication
  • Improve user adoption
  • Foster collaboration
  • Workshops & mentoring
  • Hands-on training sessions
  • Recordings & documentation
  • Ongoing support
  • System monitoring
  • Issue resolution
  • User assistance
  • Upgrades & improvements

Salesforce, tailored to your business

100% Custom Salesforce solutions

To help you get the most value out of Salesforce, we start by making sure we understand your business, your processes, and your users. That way, we can design the best custom Salesforce solution for you. Because when Salesforce is customized for your business, you reach your goals in record time.


Thorough Audit

We begin with a thoroughdiscovery stage & in-depth audit. We'll dive in and figure out what'sworking, what's not, and how to fix it.


Custom Solution

Next, we'll design a custom solution to reduce workload for your teams, increase productivity, and boost collaboration between departments.


Future-Proof Design

We'll make sure yours is a future-proof solution. That means minimal maintenance and the ability to grow and evolve with you.

Client Success powered by KloudData

  • SAP to Salesforce integration, using Salesforce Connect for improved efficiencies of the financial system.

    “Thank you for taking important steps in maturing our key business processes.”


  • CPQ customization & integration for automating order invoicing and tracking of quote status.

    “Great team, displays very strong team ethics & always rises to the ossacion”

    Rapid 7

  • Salesforce Field Service integration with the Google1 Mobile App for auto appointment scheduling.

    Team had deep SFS expertise/insights for Google One's Pro Sessions program.

    Google ONE

  • Service Cloud implementation for enhanced customer insights and increased satisfaction.

    “Successful delivery, despite many time constraints & changing requirements”


  • Customization & Integration for an increased sales visibility, along with process automation.

    “Understood our needs gave valuable insights & guided the project perfectly.”

    Arctic Wolf

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