Service Cloud

Empower agents to deliver unparalleled customer service, revolutionize customer support, and drive business growth.

Our Implementation

Enhance brand relationships with customers across channels and devices through automated service processes, streamlined workflows, and empowering customer service agents with key data and content visualization. Infoglen offers the following benefits:

  • Efficiently manage and track cases, including case histories.
  • Perform tasks seamlessly within a single lightning console, eliminating the need for screen or software switching.
  • Consolidate cases from various channels into Salesforce through omnichannel with skill-based routing.
  • Improve agent productivity and customer experience with canned responses and knowledge articles.
  • Instantly access a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers in one window.
  • Manage customer service level agreements (SLAs) through entitlements and milestones.
  • Create, prioritize, reassign, and close cases swiftly while providing personalized self-service and customer care.
  • Interact with customers in real-time through live chat anytime.
  • Integrate intelligent chatbots with predefined rules.
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