We've catapulted our clients into the future by automating over 20,000 hours of manual work

Ready to turbocharge your business?

We dig deep to find your workflow bottlenecks and zap them with tailor-made AI and automation. No frills, just game-changing solutions. Say hello to a more efficient you.


Mapping Your Terrain

We sketch out a blueprint of your entire operational landscape, from manual tasks to apps.


Zero In on High-Impact Areas

Through a detailed audit, we identify where AI and automation can deliver the biggest bang for your buck.


Craft and Test the Magic

We blend custom code, AI tools, and your existing tech stack to create something extraordinary.


Evolve and Grow

Your business isn't static and neither are we. As you grow, we continually find fresh ways to automate and optimize.

Endless Applications of AI and Automation

Our solutions make teams 10X more efficient by automating the mundane and repetitive. We're not tied to any specific industry—our approach works across the board.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Content creation, full-funnel automation, lead routing, CRM, outbound, payments, contracts and much more.

Image, Voice, Text Recognition

We analyze various media formats to trigger automated actions. This can range from sentiment analysis in text to recognizing products in videos.

Predictive analytics

Our analytics tools give you foresight. We help in risk assessment, inventory management, and other future planning metrics to keep you ahead.

Conversational AI

Whether it's customer service bots or smart automated replies for sales and marketing, we make your online interactions smooth and effective.

Project management

We automate every step in your projects, covering everything from task handoffs to completion in areas such as onboarding, admin, and invoicing.

Staff augmentation

We save your employees time by automating mundane tasks, so much so that we've replaced entire teams of virtual assistants with efficient systems.  

Data silos

Navigate complex data landscapes with ease. We automate the collection, cleansing, and reporting of data for fast, accurate decision-making.  

Customer service

With most queries being repetitive, we bring automation into your customer service to handle frequent questions efficiently.  

Connect apps

We ensure your apps communicate seamlessly for instant data handoffs, creating a consolidated and efficient workflow.

Sync All Your Apps and Then Some

We're not just compatible, we're ultra-connective. With APIs, custom code, and web hooks, we link to all your apps and thousands more. Sky's the limit.

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It’s like hiring a Chief AI and Automation Officer,
for a fraction of the cost

Stitch your tools together

Zapier connects to thousands of apps already, so we can  help you integrate most of your tech stack.

Automate repetitive work

You’re burning cash by having salaried employees doing  repetitive, simple tasks—save them hours a day.

Cut out human error

Bottlenecks, inconsistency and delays don’t exist inside Zapier. Automations are triggered and instant.

AI and Automation technologies we are experts in

We’ve built complete processes using every one of these tools. There are countless more tools in the market which we have experience with or are capable of integrating.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI.

Open AI is tbe company that invented Chat GPT and other popular AI models.

Bard is Google’s official AI project and competitor to Chat GPT.

Zapier is a platform that connects your tools into automated workflows.

Make.com is a Zapier competitor with a more visual interface and allows larger, more complex animation workflows.

Workato is another automation platform with powerful integrations tailored more for enterprise companies.

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