Asset Traceability with Internet Of Things
Gain a competitive edge with Real Time Asset Tracking using IoT technology
Monitor business assets and make smarter decisions by using KloudData-Omnitrol’s IoT based solution.

New technologies like Asset Management and Tracking Intelligence involve state-of-the-art technologies that aid in smarter decision-making at all business levels while reshaping infrastructure strategies ensuring protection and safety for a variety of company assets.

Asset management solutions from KloudData will allow you to get real-time visibility of the locations of your mobile and fixed business assets. The instant notifications inform you when assets arrive at delivery destinations, or monitor valuable machinery to ensure your equipment stays on site.

The solution can track and manage the following:
  • At hospitals, it can keep a track of key and/or critical assets including machineries, equipment, ambulances, patients, instruments, and more
  • Assets of shipping, containers, goods at the shipping and logistics industries
  • Semi-stationary company equipment, such as trailers and containers
  • Industrial automation assets like water meters, offshore drills, and oil & gas tanks
  • Large pieces of company-owned equipment like generators, and construction equipment, etc.
  • In-transit consumer products such as pharmaceuticals and electronics
  • Company cars, fleets of trucks and service vehicles
  • Assets including ATMs, digital signage and vending machines
Where Can You Deploy IoT Asset Tracking Solutions?
  • Hospitals: Key and/or critical assets including machineries, equipment, ambulances, patients, instruments, and more
  • Shipping and Logistics: Shipping, containers, and goods
  • Industrial Automation: Water meters, offshore drills, and oil & gas tanks
  • Industrial Assets: Trailers, generators, construction equipment, cars, fleets of trucks, and service vehicles
  • Consumer Products: In-transit pharmaceuticals and electronics
Asset Traceability for Healthcare
Benefits of KloudData-Omnitrol Asset Management Solution
100% inventory accuracy
30% reduction in loss of valuable and returnable assets
20% savings in labor to increase efficiency
Increase in inventory utilization and reduction in misuse
Substantial reduction in time locating and stock cycle-counts
Preventative maintenance, custody, utilization, damage monitoring
Achieving compliance mandates through automated audit reports
Compliance with industry standards needed for GS1 and DoD
Our IoT offerings

Asset Intelligence

Real-Time Automated Asset Traceability and Monitoring

Returnable Transport Items Intelligence

Real-Time Automated RTI Pallet, Container and Tote Traceability

Work In Process Intelligence

Real-Time Automated WIP Visibility, Traceability and Collaboration

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