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Our manufacturing company has been utilizing SAP for ten years, currently operating on SAP ECC 6 with established custom processes. What would be the most effective strategy for transitioning to cloud-based operations?

As a fast-growing, funded startup, we have surpassed the capabilities of our legacy accounting software. We require a scalable, user-friendly system that can accommodate our business growth without excessive investment. What options are available to meet our needs?

Would you classify KloudData as an SAP ERP expert or a cloud reseller?

While we are interested in the 'RISE with SAP' packaged offer, we are in the early stages of planning our cloud transformation and would like to learn more before making any purchase decisions. Even though we are nowhere near a buying cycle, can you help us?

I am a CIO at a mid-market chemical company. I have been tasked to chart a cloud transformation strategy by the board. I am gathering information on how best to approach it as there are many moving parts with various software vendors, cloud platforms, services, and support options. Once the strategy is approved, we intend to proceed to the buying cycle. At this point, we are OEM agnostic. Is it possible for you to help me with the cloud strategy? How much do you charge for such consultancy?

Dear KloudData team, we have completed finalizing the scope of our SAP project and are interested in engaging your services. Could you please advise the best way to contact the relevant team in your organization?