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Designing highly effective consumer applications

At KloudData we aim at simplicity, efficiency and overall technological convenience at all levels.

KloudData is a major player in the mobile apps development space since the time it was considered to be a niche development segment. This is evident from the depth and breadth of our solution offerings across most mobile development platforms that go beyond iPhone and Android.

We specialize in developing consumer apps on primary platforms like BREW, J2ME, Symbian and BlackBerry as well as on the latest cutting-edge platforms like iPhone and Android, and cater to all forms of devices in the mobile and tablet space (iPad, Android Tablets, Playbook).

Our mobility expertise

KloudData possesses a strong technical team with 10+ years of experience in developing and integrating mobility solutions for mid-size to large companies as well as customised consumer apps.

We manage and enhance your mobile IT infrastructure with our mobility strategies and customized solutions to let you focus on bringing innovations and productivity into your business.



“Working with KloudData was a rewarding experience. They helped us in developing a robust tablet-based application that significantly enhances the instructional and learning experience for teachers and students by allowing them to collaborate and share knowledge in real time. I recommend KloudData enthusiastically to enterprises looking for competent mobility solutions.”
– JP Singh, Co-founder, Zankura
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