mobile Sales Rep
Get instant and accurate information to drive sales in the most productive manner
Increase the productivity and performance of your sales force
Companies depend on sales representatives for overall revenue generation to help accelerate the top line growth. mSR (mobile Sales Rep) app works in a way that helps your sales reps to increase their productivity and performance.
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Our CTO Gaurav Patel highlights the features of the mSR app

Learn more about mSR features from KloudData CTO

mSR app Implementation Transformed Sales Activities with Maximum Productivity

mSR app empowers the sales team to boost operational activities, control overhead costs

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Key differentiators


The three key areas that differentiate KloudData from other partners are its adherence to the agreed schedule and budget, the ability to work as a team with ‘customer first’ approach and its strength in designing and delivering ‘enterprise mobility solutions’
Sales Managers can get timely and accurate sales information to take better decisions and consistently deliver better results


Displays movement and position of SKUs

Show info

Shows information on latest products and offers

Customer info

Outlines customer details

New Order

Provides option to place and confirm new orders

Show History

Shows history of previous orders

Create Order

Creates sales orders
Tangible benefits from KloudData’s mSR app to one of our global customers
Increased efficiency of sales reps
Reduction in real-time sales order creation time
Access to current product inventory, promotions, offers and other details on the go
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