Kare Analytics
Jumpstart your analytics journey in healthcare
Deploy analytics to deliver quality patient care
Hospitals are struggling with healthcare costs, staffing shortages, pressures from the CMS and the government, also having to compete with other organizations for delivering quality care. Healthcare providers require significant amounts of actionable information on their financial operations and their clinical efficiency to improve hospital quality.
KloudData’s Kare Analytics provides an integrated software solution that organizations can leverage to jumpstart their analytics journey and demonstrate meaningful results along the way.
Healthcare Analytics Suite
KloudData’s ready-to-deploy Healthcare Analytics Suite is powered by the Smart Analytics framework. It enables providers to improve care, reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and monitor regulatory compliance.
The Healthcare Analytics Suite, also known as Kare Analytics, leverages analytics tools to create a value-based experience which includes analyzing patient outcomes and quality of care, evaluating organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and creating solutions to uncover chronic and emerging health issues.
Hospital Operational KPIs
LOS (Length of Stay)
PHM(Population Health Management)
Patient Engagement
Value Proposition
  • Provides better insights into patient management
  • Helps in improving quality of care
  • Builds organizational efficiency
  • Value-based clinical experience
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