KloudKare IntelliKx
Enable patient centered, outcome oriented healthcare
Are you facing these challenges?
Are readmissions causing a financial and compliance burden on your hospital?
Is unplanned staffing affecting the quality of your patient care?
Did you know that bed optimization can significantly plug revenue leakages in hospitals?
Are you aware of the optimal ratio needed between critical and non-critical areas in you hospital?
By focusing on patients who have high probability of getting readmitted, hospitals can reduce financial and compliance burdens
Tracking patient footfalls across different departments can help solve staffing challenges and improve quality of patient care
Saving bed days can increase bed optimization and positively impact a hospital’s revenue
KloudKare IntelliKx
Streamline healthcare operations and deliver quality care like never before with advanced analytics
As part of KloudData’s KloudKare healthcare information framework, KloudData has released a highly sophisticated application suite KloudKare IntelliKx focused on patient satisfaction and consistent positive outcomes. As the name suggests, IntelliKx brings advanced intelligence into healthcare analytics. This healthcare application suite offers a gallery of advanced analytics applications that empower hospitals with timely, actionable information.

Leveraging machine learning techniques with rich data sets, KloudKare IntelliKx is designed to enable healthcare organizations delve deeper into correlations discovery and facts recognition and turn them into powerful user friendly recommendations. Combining standards based principles of Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) techniques, Hadoop big data platform, in-built collaboration capabilities, and a user friendly interface, KloudKare IntelliKx changes the paradigm for healthcare software.

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Resource and cost
Better quality of
patient care
Reduced risks of
Better inventory and
staff planning
Better understanding
of epidemics
Better knowledge of
target population
IntelliKx works across three key foundational pillars:
Empowers hospitals with better insights and hidden correlations from available data
Helps with greater accuracy of forecasts and predictions based on past and present trends
Provides guidance in making patient centered, outcome focused decisions
KloudKare IntelliKx Application Suite

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

Gain actionable insights across financial, operational and clinical domains

LOS – Length of Stay

Predict bed occupancy, revenue impact and effective resource allocations

PHM – Population Health Management

Assess risk and plan preventive strategies across various population groups

PE – Patient Engagement

Deliver highly personalized, patient centered healthcare

AC – Asset Contextualization

Automate and manage critical business processes with continuous asset visibility
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