Migrating Data Warehousing to HANA
SAP HANA analyzes massive amount of data 3600 x faster
Why Migrate to SAP HANA?

SAP HANA, a high performance, in-memory real time data and analytics platform has emerged as a platform of choice to serve the need to unify disparate decision support systems into a reliable, state-of-the-art platform that must support contemporary business workflows and workloads that are much larger, more complex, and real-time in nature.

SAP HANA offers the opportunity to get the best possible insights every time. The powerful SAP HANA solution allows you to use Analytics to make faster and best possible decision every time. It delivers across the five dimensions of decision processing.

Benefits of SAP HANA
  • Get immediate answers to any kind of business questions on large data sets
  • Answer complex and interactive questions by drilling down to granular data
  • Get instant results with answers in split seconds in an interactive fashion
  • Remove data latency caused by ETL through real-time replication
  • Faster development cycles without any need for pre-aggregation cubes
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