Adaptive Analytics Framework
Take business intelligence to the next level

Business Intelligence (BI) tools empower organizations to gain deeper insights. Execute your analytics roadmap with KloudData’s new enterprise grade Adaptive Analytics Framework (AAF). The framework is designed to help customers get dramatic ROI and adds business value to their existing investments.

AAF can be used for both prebuilt solutions as well as custom solutions. All prebuilt solutions make use of a combination of open source and commercial technologies to be impactful yet very cost effective. Custom solutions take existing investments into consideration and can be tuned to provide maximum returns by leveraging the BI stack as per requirement.

Features of AAF

Platform agnostic and industry agnostic

Modular and scalable

Deployable on cloud as well as on premise

Can be leveraged with SaaS model to build attractive total cost of ownership
Architecture Framework
Adaptive Analytics Framework
AAF has 4 distinct tiers
Analytics Tools Tier
The presentation tier comprises KloudData’s prebuilt solutions using open source technologies and helps bring Mobile BI to the repertoire.  Other enterprise BI stacks can also be leveraged to optimize existing investments.
Analytical Warehouse Tier
All processed and massaged information is managed in an analytical/enterprise data warehouse layer. The framework is HANA enabled as well.
Processing Tier
Consists of various data integration, data quality and advance analytics tools that help in discovering meaningful insights using PMML and Zementis’ ADAPA/UPPI platforms.
Source Tier
Connects with any heterogeneous sources in the enterprise landscape. Open source connectors are used in this tier.
KloudKare IntelliKx – Healthcare Analytics Suite
KloudData is presently leveraging AAF and has built an IP in Healthcare called IntelliKx. Using this healthcare applications suite, companies can provide actionable insights to healthcare users in an intelligent way.
Empowers customers with better insights and hidden correlations from their existing data.
Helps them with greater accuracy forecasts and predictions based on past and present trends.
Provides recommendations to help them in efficient decision making.
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