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Mobility Services

We are facing an era where technology changes as fast as the demands of your customers. Companies are always expected to stay on their toes to confront, embrace and sync with these changes!

Thankfully, a potent mobility-driven IT environment can seamlessly deal with this concern.

A mobile-enabled enterprise is not only agile and intelligent in its overall operational and functional approach, but is also capable of increasing employee productivity and enthusiasm besides improving customer engagement and brand recognition.

KloudData leverages its strong relationships with other highly skilled Mobility Consultants within the Mobility ecosystem to provide:

  • SAP Syclo
    • SAP Syclo Work Manager
    • SAP Syclo Inventory Manager
    • SAP Syclo Sales Manager
    • SAP Syclo Service Manager
    • SAP Syclo Rounds Manager
    • SAP Syclo Smart Work Manager
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP Custom Native Application Development
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Window Phone
  • UI5 Mobile Application Development
    • Cordova
    • Kapsel
Analytic Services

To compete in global markets, it is essential for organizations to maintain consistency in business practices in all areas.

We enable business users to discover and communicate actionable insights extracted from meaningful patterns in data. KloudData analytics solutions and services will help you apply analytics to business data to upgrade, predict, and improve business performance, recommend actions, and guide decision making.

KloudData leverages its strong relationships with other highly skilled Analytic Consultants within the Analytic ecosystem to provide:

  • BI Tools Upgrade
    • SAP BusinessObjects 4.x
    • Business Objects Data Services
    • SAP Lumira 2.0
    • Crystal Enterprise
  • Data Warehouse Migration
  • Domain Specific Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics on Big Data
Enterprise Services

With significant leaps in technology, every modern business organization depends upon Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps it manage and integrate information flow. It also streamlines other operational activities and processes that involve materials, machines, workforce and money.

KloudData helps you lay a strong business foundation to drive growth, build and maintain operational excellence and optimize financial performance with the help of its comprehensive Enterprise Solutions.

KloudData leverages its strong relationships with other highly skilled Enterprise Consultants within the Enterprise ecosystem to provide:

  • SAP Implementation/Upgrade
  • SAP Functional
  • ERP Migration
  • ABAP
  • OData
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