Be a part of an agile team and an environment where you can learn, innovate, grow and prosper
Working at KloudData
We constantly strive to add to our team of highly motivated people focused on unleashing game changing value.
We want to work with people who can think proactively about ways to innovate and enhance KloudData solutions and products to exceed customer expectations in becoming a trusted partner to our customers.
What We Offer
Awards and Rewards
KloudData celebrates its employees’ high quality performance and productivity and hence motivates and encourages them further by recognizing their valuable contribution through appreciations ranging from ‘Kloudie of the Month’, ‘Star Performer’ among others.
Thought Leadership Session
At KloudData, we believe in enriching our employees’ knowledge and outlook by holding regular Thought Leadership sessions wherein we share insights and information on diverse subjects like technology, business, and lifestyle. Our sessions are designed to be inspiring and interactive.
Define the Company
We give you opportunities to use your creativity and expertise that demands a mix of innovation and disciplined execution. We make you future-ready as you learn, grow and progress while working on cutting edge technologies, significant projects, and Intellectual Property creation – all focused on our customers.
Fun Environment
Life at KloudData is much more than just work! We are equally involved in creative and innovative fun activities inspiring team spirit, individual talent as well as cultural essence. We don’t miss any opportunity to celebrate the occasions of joy, like birthdays, festivals and marked days of the year.
KloudData offers a competitive compensation for talented individuals that join us in our high value roles. We have a strong philosophy tailoring our compensation towards pay-for-performance. that includes base salary as well as several types of incentive bonuses that creates a win-win value proposition for all.
Company Benefits
We provide a whole gamut of employee benefits that promote flexibility and work-life balance like medical insurance, corporate connection facilities, gym memberships, company profit sharing opportunity, transparent work culture, peer-to-peer collaborative environment, training programs, and much more.
Join our Team
We promote a culture of growth and success, for our business as much as for our people

At KloudData we are enthusiastic about technology but equally fun-loving. Click below if you are interested in exploring a career with us.

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